A lesbian and Muslim by birth. A product of mixed-Brittania, of Scottish and Pakistani parentage. Destined to perpetuate miscegeny. Mother to sons of Scottish, Pakistani and Ghanaian origin.

For several years a criminal defence barrister until coming off the loser in a long running battle with bipolar disorder. The result, a chaotic career hiatus with a strong desire to recycle memories, images and stories of the legal and mental health systems and to exorcise my obsession with miscegenation. Learning writer’s craft as I go. Performing a little, writing a little bit more.Wondering if it is hubris to define, describe myself as a writer.

Writer on Tamasha New Writing Course 2012. More than a little indebted to Tamasha and South Asian Literature Festival. One of the Traverse Fifty: a year long attachment to the Traverse Theatre.

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