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A militant call for gentleness and empathy

One of the hardest things about living with a serious and enduring mental illness diagnosis is going back into the world after a period of acute illness. The re-entry to mainstream life. Recovery is a wonderful concept. It brings, however, a vulnerability as one takes steps back into normal professional and social interaction. I have … Continue reading

My son called me a half-caste yesterday

My younger son, indeed the son mentioned in an earlier post here, called me a half-caste yesterday. We are all used to children saying inappropriate things because they do not understand the meaning or import of the words they use. I once asked my father if he was a virgin. The tupar (slap) that ensued … Continue reading

Sarfraz Manzoor’s hair, “love” marriages and South Asian diaspora writing

A response of sorts to review by Sarfraz Manzoor of Too Asian Not Asian Enough, edited by Kavita Bhanot I have, because of my late father, a sentimental affection, and indeed respect for Sarfraz Manzoor, or perhaps more particularly for his hair. Nothing has changed that feeling, despite Sarfraz Manzoor’s recent review in the Guardian  of Too Asian Not … Continue reading